Providing Victims With 24/7 Support and Resources

Working to end child sex trafficking

The world of human trafficking is a dark one. With victims flying under the radar in so many situations, it's important to recognize the signs when you see them. Gingerbread House Child Advocacy Center and its multidisciplinary team created a 24-hour human trafficking response team, offering support, guidance, and resources for human trafficking victims in and around Shreveport, LA.

When you see signs of trouble, there's no time to waste. It is important to contact your local law enforcement or FBI should you suspect a child is in danger of human trafficking.

Working toward prevention with education

Human trafficking is a toxic, life-threatening experience that leaves victims struggling to cope. Providing resources for human trafficking victims is so important, but prevention efforts can have a huge impact on fighting back against trafficking. That's why Gingerbread House Child Advocacy Center offers free human trafficking prevention education trainings for professionals, parents and caregivers, and youth.

Love146 Not A #Number

Love 146 Not A #Number is facilitated by our trained staff is an interactive, five-module prevention curriculum from Love146 designed for youth ages 12-18 years old. By participating in this program, teens can learn to...

  • Recognize the signs of human trafficking
  • Reduce their own vulnerabilities
  • Utilize healthy support systems around them

That's why it is so important to educate adolescents and teens about the dangers of human trafficking. Gingerbread House staff are trained facilitators of Love146 Not A #Number Prevention Education Training.

Child Sex Trafficking Prevention Education

Child Sex Trafficking Prevention Education

The Gingerbread House team offers training for adults on what is child sex trafficking, signs to look for when interacting with children and teens, and how to report if you suspect a child or teen is a victim of child sex trafficking.

If you are interested in any of our free trainings, please contact our office, (318) 674-2900, or email our Regional Child & Youth Trafficking Coordinator, Olivia Ferguson,