National Statistics - (Data source: Darkness to Light)

  • 1 out of 10 children experience child sexual abuse before their 18th birthday.
  • 400,000 children are sexually abused each year. That means 1 in 10 children faces the horror of sexual abuse.
  • 90% of victims are abused by someone they know and trust.
  • 60% are acquaintances like teachers, neighbors, or community leaders.
  • 30% are immediate or extended family.
  • Only 10% are stranger to the child.
  • Only about 38% of child victims disclose the fact that they have been sexually abuse. Some never disclose.
  • Only about 38% of children tell someone within the first year.
  • About 75% of child pornography victims are living at home when they are photographed. Parents are often responsible.

Gingerbread House Children's Advocacy Center Statistics

Forensic Interviews, Multidisciplinary Investigations, and Family Advocacy Services:

Since opening its doors in 1998, The Gingerbread House has served 13,040 child abuse victims through Forensic Interviews, Multidisciplinary Team Investigations, and Family Advocacy

services since December 1st, 2020

  • Year 2020 : 784 Child Abuse Victims
  • January - June 2021 : 464 Child Abuse Victims
  • Trauma informed Counseling Services:

    • Year 2020: 194 Child abuse victims
    • January - June 2021: 108 Child Abuse victims

    Prevention Education and Outreach :

    • The Gingerbread House believes Knowledge is Power and it is critical to provide prevention education to children and adults in our community. By educating children and adults in our community we can empower and encourage them to speak up if they see abuse or if any type of abuse has happened to them.
    • Year 2020: 368 events which includes 26,950 children & adults
    • January - June 2021: 215 Events which include 19,780 Children & adults
    • Human Trafficking:

      • Year 2020: 70 victims of child sex trafficking
      • January - June 2021: 55 Victims of child sex trafficking