Empower children and help keep them safe by educating them.

It is critical for parents to understand that 90% of children are victimized by people they know (Darkness to Light; darkness2light.org). Less than 10% of children are victimized by a stranger. Both have devastating consequences.

Child abuse is an issue that must be addressed by the entire community. The best way to prevent child abuse is to increase awareness about the legal responsibility to report suspected abuse, provide education about the dynamics of abuse, understand its long term effects, and most important, have a conversation with our children.

To schedule one of these presentations or to learn more about our programs, please contact the Gingerbread House Child Advocacy Center at (318) 674-2900 or emailĀ info@gingerbreadhousecac.org.

Knowledge is Power

a body safety/sexual abuse risk-reduction program with components for children (preschool through elementary school level), school personnel and other mandated reporters, and parents.


is the right time to tell young children the basics about body safety. This presentation includes story "My Body Belongs to Me" in which bears learn that the "parts the bathing suit covers" are private.


is the right time to tell children in simple, age appropriate terms how to be assertive in difficult situations and what to do to get help. This is taught through the videos "Yes. You Can Say No" and "Break the Silence" in which other children share this valuable information. It's NOT a discussion on sex! Children learn to say No, Go, and Tell. "My Body, What I Say Goes" teaches children about how to say "no", who to tell in their safety network and other lessons concerning sexual abuse, internet dangers and self-defense.

Middle School:

This presentation is designed for children ages 12 to 16 years old to teach them about internet safety and safe relationships. With social media becoming more popular each day, it is important to teach youth how to stay safe while using social media apps. This presentation also teaches youth about safe relationships, recognizing signs of an unsafe situation, and how to trust your instincts when put in an uncomfortable situation. This presentation will equip youth with the information they need to stay safe.

Stewards of Children:

is a nationally-recognized, evidence based prevention program for adults by the organization Darkness to Light. The Gingerbread House Staff has been recognized as a facilitator of this program. Now is the right time to tell your child(ren) how to stay safe and what to do should the unthinkable happen. How do I talk to my child about body safety? What is age appropriate behavior? Are there signs of abuse? Darkness to Light is the perfect program for parents and adults who are equipping their children with information about body safety.

Mandated Reporter:

It is important to know what to do should you suspect a child is being abused or if a child discloses abuse to you. This class will teach the signs of abuse, reacting to the disclosure, and how to report the abuse. Individuals working with children are required by law to report! You can be a key component in strengthening a case and helping a child. Do you and your staff know what to do?

Human Trafficking:

This presentation focuses on the risk factors and signs of human trafficking. Each year the number of confirmed human trafficking cases increases in our community and this presentation will teach about warning signs of human trafficking, the population at risk, and how to report human trafficking. This presentation is ideal for anyone who works with youth/children, and will help identify a child in need. You do not need any previous training. This presentation covers the basics of human trafficking and will equip you with valuable information. Training length can be tailored to your needs.

Love 146 Not a #Number:

Not a Number is an interactive child trafficking and exploitation prevention curriculum designed to provide youth (ages 12-18) with information and skills in a manner that inspires them to make safe choices when they encounter potentially exploitative situations and to utilize healthy support systems that may decrease their vulnerabilities. It is an interactive, five-module prevention curriculum developed by Love146. It is designed to teach youth how to protect themselves from human trafficking and exploitation through information, critical thinking, and skill development.